Odds and ends from Friday:

  • Not long ago, I told you how Bryan Bertino (not Boitano) signed on to write and direct a film called The Strangers for Rogue Pictures. Pic tells the story of a couple who return home on their wedding night, only to be terrorized by three masked strangers. Well, Liv Tyler has hopped onboard the film and is set to play the female half of the couple. Though no one else has been officially cast, production will begin this fall with a tentative release in October 2007.
  • Agnieszka Vosloo has signed on to direct After.Life for the new production outfit Constellation Entertainment. Pic, which marks Vosloo's feature debut, revolves around a girl, caught somewhere between life and death, who fights to avoid being buried alive. Yeah, that can't be a fun situation.
  • Those of you itching to buy Pixar's Cars on DVD will be happy to hear the film will arrive in your living room on November 7. According to USA Today, the DVD (priced at around $30) will include two short films (Mater and the Ghostlight, One Man Band), a behind-the-scenes feature which tells how writer/director John Lasseter went about creating the film, deleted scenes and a preview of next summer's Ratatouille. [via Coming Soon]