Finally, after years of waiting and breathless anticipation, it arrives on DVD. A film so special, so revolutionary and so brilliant it's spent the last two decades collecting dust in someone's garage. Yes, comedy fans, it's true. You'll soon be able to own Greydon Clark'sJoysticks on DVD. And there wasmuchrejoicing.

Slapped out smack-dab in the middle of the Teen Jiggle Renaissance of the early '80s, Joysticks tells the poignant tale of several disillusioned youths who must band together to thwart the forces of rampant capitalism and hateful prejudice.

Nah, it's about a bunch of horny stoned idiots who hang out at a video arcade. (For what it's worth, Joe Don Baker does play a blustery villain who aims to shut the gamehouse down, and that's pretty much all the plot you're gettin'.)

Anchored by the impeccable comedic stylings of several goofballs who never worked again, Joysticks also features some early work from (eventually) solid character actors like Jon Gries, Corinne Bohrer and John Diehl. I'm sure those guys are thrilled that Media Blasters will be releasing Joysticks on DVD come October. (And here's hoping MB bought the rights to Mr. Clark's earlier works too; frankly my DVD collection isn't complete until I own Without Warning and Wacko.)
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