Well, this is both exciting and infuriating: An official site has popped up for a movie called The Brothers Bloom, apparently the sophomore effort from Rian Johnson, whose hard-boiled-detective-story-in-high-school debut, Brick, was praised by pretty much everyone. The new film is described on the site as "a con man movie," and the few sketches there place it firmly in the first half of the 20th century. Because the characters are wearing slouchy hats, everyone who is speculating about the film is comparing it to The Sting, which is probably setting it up for spectacular failure -- I mean, the movie could be great and still not come within shouting distance of The Sting's virtual perfection, right?

What's infuriating about the news is that the Brothers Bloom site is essentially just a riddle: It consists of three sketches, a soundtrack and a few short quotes from writers who aren't named Rian Johnson. No information on plot, release date, stars -- nothin'. The only details I can find online come from a couple of interviews Johnson gave back in April. In those conversations, he described the film as "globe-trotting," and indicated that casting was already underway. And ... that's it.

If anyone knows more, please let us know. Meanwhile, we'll all just stew in our own frustration.

[via Solace in Cinema]
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