Rob Schneider Attacks Mel!

Of all the actors to publicly criticize Mel Gibson over his recent driving incident, Rob Schneider has gone on record and promised to never work with the Braveheart actor again. Rob Schneider. You've got to be kidding me. Schneider went as far as to take out an ad in Variety, calling it "An Open Letter to the Hollywood Community." Says Schneider, ""I, Rob Schneider, a 1/2 Jew, pledge from this day forth to never work with Mel Gibson, actor-director-producer and anti-Semite." He later goes on to talk about a film he just directed called Big Stan, and how there was a part for a Nazi gangleader which would have been perfect for Mel. Ah, so we're plugging a movie here Rob. Interesting way to go about it ... moron. I'm not sure which is scarier: Rob Schneider directing a film or Rob Schneider attacking Mel Gibson?

Cruz Meets Baby Cruise!

Man, only in Hollywood would a man invite his ex-girlfriend over to see his new child. I'm sorry, but in "real life," stuff like that never happens. Penelope Cruz, who dated Tom Cruise for three years before the actor settled down with that chick from Dawson's Creek, has admitted to seeing the mysterious baby Suri. [Cue enchanting music now] According to Cruz, ""She's really beautiful. She's one of the most beautiful babies I've ever seen." Yeah, like she's going to say, "Actually, the kid looks kind of funky -- she almost reminds me of a doll you would buy in a toy store." Perhaps we should let Rob Schneider sneak a glimpse of the kid. At least he'll give us the truth ... after he plugs his movie.

It's a Fake!

An online auction which supposedly featured Leo McCarey's best-director Oscar for 1944's Going My Way has been canceled after the statue was deemed fake. AMPAS officials located two mis-matched parts, with neither belonging to McCarey's original. It also weighed one pound heavier than the real thing. The opening bid on McCarey's Oscar was $25,000 and, according to the article, there's a chance the person selling it had no idea it was fake. Damn, that has to suck -- imagine owning an Oscar, thinking you'll be able to sell it for thousands of dollars, only to learn it's a fake? Well, I suppose it makes a good paper weight.

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