My pals and I were working hard at SXSW 2004 when we caught wind of a recently-added "on the down low" movie screening that sounded pretty cool. It was a comedy called Surviving Eden, and it was directed by Greg Pritikin, whom we already knew from his sadly underrated ventriliquism comedy Dummy. Prior to the screening, Greg asked that we not review the movie, positively or negatively, because it was still very much a work in progress.

Me and my two cohorts laughed a whole lot at Surviving Eden, and we left the theater a little bummed that we'd been asked not to review it. But we didn't.

Flash forward 2.5 years later, and here comes the flick's theatrical premiere! Cineville will be releasing Surviving Eden in NYC on August 25th, in Chicago on 9/1 and in Austin on 9/8. Most of us won't be able to check the movie out until it hits DVD, but it's basically a very amusing spoof on reality TV, and (more specifically) the "fake-celebrity" status that comes as part of the package. The colorful cast listing includes Michael Panes, Peter Dinklage, Cheri Oteri, Jane Lynch, Sam Robards, Illeana Douglas, Deep Roy and John Landis. Keep an eye out for it.
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