Since my favorite cereals on earth are the Rice Krispies holiday editions (Little black and orange krispies mixed in for Halloween! And green and red for Christmas! Yes, I'm old and easy to please.), I'm not the best person on earth the judge the sugared miracles that General Mills, Kellogg's and their Hollywood friends produce when it's time to mix breakfast and blockbusters. Lucky for all of us, however, Lore Sjöberg at Wired has pulled together a brief (disappointingly picture-free) survey of the movie-related cereals currently on our supermarket shelves.

Based entirely on Lore's report, I'm gonna get me some Pirates of the Caribbean cereal -- it features allegedly pirate-shaped marshmallows that in fact more closely resemble "bowler hats, extracted incisors, the cross-section of a banana and a pretty convincing silhouette of Bob Ross." Mmm ... Bob Ross.
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