I'm sorry, but Uwe Boll is my hero. That's right, I said it! Sure, the guy makes crappy movies, challenges film critics to an after-school boxing match and has absolutely no business polluting our movie theaters with his ego-maniacal filth -- but ya gotta love him. He's a top notch moron ... and loves every minute of it.

In his latest quest to turn every bad video game into a feature-length movie, Boll will write, produce and direct the film Postal, based off a game that revolves around a character called "The Postal Dude" who runs around town attempting to kill and destroy anything that stands in his way. Um, did someone say, "Wicked awesome!"? According to Skewed & Reviewed, Boll approached Sacha Baron Cohen to play a character named Osama in the action comedy. (Thank God he intends for this to be a comedy, otherwise I could see myself going postal at any time now.) Keep in mind, this is the same film where Boll plans to throw in footage of himself and several film critics boxing to the death. (Okay, it won't be to the death -- but a boy can dream, right?)

If Cohen accepts the role (Should we just go ahead and say that would be the stupidest career decision in the history of stupid career decisions?), he would be starring alongside Gary Coleman. Now, there's a duo worth millions at the box office.

[via Cinema Blend]

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