Yes, Heath Ledger is officially the Joker, in a movie which is officially named The Dark Knight. You can shut down the rumor mill now, at least as far as those two issues are concerned. I know, people keep talking, but the important people -- the ones who know things -- have confirmed it for us. The most recent confirmation came from none other than the Dark Knight himself, Christian Bale, who just gave an interview to Film Focus. You can read the full text of the interview over there, but allow me to share with you the important bits.
  1. Yes, the movie will be called The Dark Knight. In case you somehow did not know this, the Dark Knight is an old nickname for Batman, so the title makes sense. Bale absolutely loves the title, partially because it does not include the word "Batman". He thinks this helps to separate director Christopher Nolan's take on the franchise from anything that has come before.
  2. Heath Ledger will do the Joker, and Bale thinks he will do it very well indeed. He told Film Focus Ledger was very much into the first film, and is "very passionate" about his role in the second one. More of my own thoughts on this in a later post.
  3. Don't ask Bale -- or anyone else involved with the franchise -- many Batman related questions, or he says people will be "coming out and shooting you in the head." Um, alrighty then.
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