Film Threat's Doug Brunell put an interesting piece up this weekend about feeling irked when he saw a woman at the store he was shopping at toss a copy of Sweet Home Alabama onto her shopping cart. Brunell wasn't upset because he hates the movie (he hasn't seen it) or because he harbors some secret loathing toward Reese Witherspoon, but because he mourns that DVDs have become casual purchases to be tossed in the cart on impulse, rather than a decision to lovingly mull over, checking out the cool special features, transfer and sound.

Now, I am, admittedly, not a huge DVD purchaser at this stage in my life. For one thing, I have a houseful of young children, and no matter where we store our DVDs, I inevitably find them on the floor (ever stepped on a stray DVD at 2AM and impaled your foot on a wedge of The Land Before Time? Not fun.) or being used as ninja throwing stars in some game the kids have concocted. I am not a responsible owner of DVDs, and our house is not a safe harbor for them, so we simply don't invest much of our hard-earned money on them. I know, however, that many of you folks out there are avid DVD collectors who probably spend a fair amount of time carefully considering your purchases. Even if I was passionate about DVDs, I don't know that I'd get worked up over someone else's casual purchase, anymore than I get upset over someone in front of me in the checkout line purchasing a Danielle Steel novel just because I'm a lit geek, but then again, I do stay up nights obsessing over the box office returns for indie films, so who am I to judge?

What about you? Is it troublesome to you that some people toss DVDs into their shopping cart without really considering the purchase? Does it detract from the allure of DVD ownership, if another person considers DVDs as more disposable entertainment than art? And while we're on the subject: What's the last DVD you bought -- and why did you buy it?

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