I've been checking almost daily on Roger Ebert's website for an update on his condition, since his emergency surgery last month for a burst blood vessel in his neck following a previous surgery to remove a cancerous growth on his salivary gland. I overheard through the film critic grapevine a couple weeks ago (from a critic who knows Ebert and his wife, Chaz, and had spoken to her by phone) that he was stable and doing better, but hadn't heard any official report as to his status for a while. Today, at last, Chaz Ebert has an update on his site (not that she hasn't had better things to do than to keep the world informed as to her husband's condition -- and we very much appreciate her taking the time to do so). From her update:

"Roger was making good progress and was ready to go to his next phase of treatment, which would have been physical therapy to regain his strength. Well last night Roger had minor surgery, so today, as you can imagine, he feels a bit less cheerful. The doctors remain optimistic about his recovery, however, and say that the physical therapy will be delayed for only a few days."

So, he's still in the hospital, making steady if not linear progress, and as of now things still look good for the big guy. I expect we won't be seeing him around Telluride and Toronto this year, but as he was "secretly back to using his computer," according to Chaz, hopefully as he continues to progress and is able to start physical therapy he'll make the rapid recovery his doctors continue to expect. Chaz asks that Roger's many fans and well-wishers continue to keep him in your healing thoughts and prayers and envision his complete recovery. In the meantime, if you miss Ebert's reviews, you can check out his book, Awake in the Dark, the first complete compilation of his reviews, which will be published this fall by University of Chicago Press. And, as always, we at Cinematical send our own well-wishes for a speedy recovery.

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