In a short piece about the creation of a small new production company (Sunset Pictures) this morning, Varietycasually mentioned that that company is currently developing ... Raging Bull, the sequel. What?! Correct me if I'm wrong here, but I'm under the impression that the people behind the company -- Martin Guigui, Dahlia Waingort, Pete Wooster and Thomas Baraka DiCandia if you want to write letters -- are pretty much the only ones on earth who think this is a good idea. According to Variety, the film will be based on an earlier bad idea, Chris Anderson's Raging Bull II: Continuing the Story of Jake LaMotta (released in 1986 and, not surprisingly, now out of print), and would focus on "the early years of boxer LaMotta." Gee, that sounds just fantastic.

Hands up, who want to see this movie? I mean, come on, people! What logic is possibly being employed in even thinking about putting this film together?
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