Now that we've seen Clerks 2, everyone (including myself) wants to know what Kevin Smith will be working on next. I think it's safe to say the dude will finally throw Jay, Silent Bob and the gang into a vault, only to resurrect them in smaller pieces here and there to appease his fans. So, seeing as he's no longer involved in the Green Hornet and Fletch projects, where does a guy like Kevin Smith go with his career?

Well, according to Smith himself, he'd like to venture into the horror genre for his next film. Yes, I said horror. And yes, we're still talking about Kevin Smith here. While this is just a rumor right now, several folks are claiming to have heard Smith make the announcement at a Q&A session over the weekend. No word yet on what kind of horror film, but knowing Smith, I imagine some comedy will be thrown in there. Could Kevin Smith re-invent himself with a kick-ass horror flick? Or will he crash and burn, leaving himself to crank out a direct-to-DVD version of Jay and Silent Bob: The Grammar School Years in order to keep paying the rent?

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