Well, color me shocked. According to this piece by Nikki Finke, several major Hollywood Democrats -- including Steven Spielberg and Jeffery Katzenberg (but not, interestingly, the third member of the original Dreamworks SKG triumverate, David Geffen) -- have come out in support of their "friend", incumbent governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, over his Democratic rival, Phil Angelides. Also turning out on the Governor's side of the fence is Haim Saban, owner and founder of Saban Entertainment (which may sound more familiar in its post-Disney-buyout incarnation as Buena Vista Entertainment). Saban, as Finke notes, is a particularly perplexing defector, given the $200K he dropped fighting the recall election that gave Ah-nuld the opportunity to muscle his way to the state's top seat. Finke, who is not what one might call an ardent fan of Schwarzenegger to begin with, questions whether the power players jumping ship on their own party is really about friendship or some ulterior, business-related motive (cue Dr. Evil here, saying, "An eeeeevil motive?")

What say you, Californians? Is this news as shocking to you as it apparently was to Finke? Is the Dems candidate really so weak a prospect that it justifies jumping the party line to support Schwarzenegger? Do you buy the line that it's all the the name of friendship, or do you call B.S. on these fickle Democrats as Finke does?

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