Production Weekly just reported that Hugh Jackman and Ewan McGregorhave agreed to star in The Tourist (Jackman's involvement was originally announced at Cannes), a movie that sounds a whole hell of a lot like Fight Club, except with screwing instead of fighting. Here's the summary: McGregor will play Jonathan, "an accountant disconnected from life, who is reinvigorated by his new friend Wyatt (Jackman), a powerful and charismatic lawyer who introduces Jonathan to a mysterious sex club known as The List." Personal awakening brought about by cool new club? Check. And there's more: "Shortly after meeting the woman of his dreams, Jonathan becomes the number one suspect in not only the woman's disappearance and possible murder but also a 20 million dollar theft." Major crime, and the sudden realization of the sketchiness of your new best friend? Check and check. Now, don't get me wrong -- I'm not saying I won't see it, just that it's Fight Club, 2006.

The film was written by Mark Bomback, Patrick Marber and Jason Keller, and will be directed by first-timer Marcel Langenegger; production is expect to begin in New York in October.
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