In all my ravingsaboutJon Favreau and how great he is for staying so plugged into the Iron Man fanbase, I often forget to mention other directors who do the same thing. Take, for example, Tim Story, the director of theFantastic Four franchise. Now, he isn't as in touch with his fans as Fav is, but he does keep a MySpace page, and uses it to keep fans relatively up to date with the happenings of his projects. I was reminded of this today when I realized Story had updated his blog with a bit of information which simply makes me ecstatic.

Not so very long ago, Story himself promised us an "awesome" Fantasticar* for the new FF movie. This weekend, Story got a chance to see the car in its full glory, and he was very impressed; from the sound of it, he'll be coming through on his "awesome" promise in flying colors. He raved over it, calling it "the coolest thing he's ever seen" (although he did admit to some personal bias), and said "I went to their top secret locale way out in the middle of nowhere and when I walked in, I just couldn't believe my eyes. It's better than I imagined. Can't wait to shoot this thing."

We can't wait either, Tim Story. Bring on the Fantasticar!

*If you are unaware of the Fantasticar, you should know it is a very important item for Marvel fans. I imagine you can piece together what it is from the name of the thing.
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