I spent a good portion of my most recent weekend shooting, slugging and racing through the video game version of The Godfather, and it's a fairly clever offshoot of the classic gangster tale -- even if, really, it's not much more than Grand Theft Auto set in old-school New York and with a lot more Italian accents.

It's getting to the point where it's not enough for game-makers to produce simple "tie-in" games (King Kong, for example); nowadays the big gimmick is to go retro: License a title like, say, Reservoir Dogs and go from there. As a matter of fact, the Reservoir Dogs game will hit the shelves this October, and after clicking through the official site, I think the game looks pretty darn cool.

But what really caught my attention was thispair of UK TV commercials for the game. Those who adore Reservoir Dogs absolutely HAVE to check these clips out, but I must warn you that they're neither "work-safe" nor "kid-friendly." So tread lightly.

[Thanks to Film Fatale for the clip linkage.]
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