In a collaboration that has horror fans drooling, zombie-king George A. Romerohas agreed to both write and direct a screen version of Solitary Isle, a short story by Japanese writer Kôji Suzuki. Though Suzuki's name is nowhere near as familiar to western audiences as Romero's, the films (and remakes) based on his stories -- Dark Water and The Ring -- certainly are. Solitary Isle "chronicles an expedition to a deserted island that turns deadly as the explorers face an unknown force" and, shockingly, doesn't seem to have been made into a movie in Japan yet. Hurry George, hurry! Maybe you can actually make a Japanese horror story into something original in Hollywood!

The film is being produced through a collaboration between Hyde Park Entertainment and Kadokawa Pictures to the tune of about $25 million, and will likely be released domestically by Fox via their first-look deal with Hyde Park.
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