Chris reported in June on The Ten, a David Wain-penned and directed 10-part spoof of the Biblical Ten Commandments (Yes, it's one story/commandment -- good work!). The potential in the film had him (and yours truly) excited, both because of Wain's past (he was a member of The State and Stella, and co-wrote Wet Hot American Summer, among other things) and the film's packed cast, which at that time included Paul Rudd, Jessica Alba, Amanda Peet, Justin Theroux and Adam Brody.

Depending on how you feel about Wain and this film, it either just got a lot better, or added a load of useless cast members, who will contribute nothing to its spoofy nonsense. Me, I'm in the former camp -- how can the addition of Liev Schreiber to anything fail to make it better? In addition to Schreiber, Winona Ryder, Famke Janssen, Gretchen Mol, Rob Corddry, Ron Silver and Oliver Platt have all come on board. That, my friends, is quite a cast. Granted, many of them will probably appear for 30 seconds in robe and beard, carrying a tablet, but still.

The film is currently filming in New York and Mexico; it'll come out some time in 2007.
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