Here is an interesting little tidbit of comic book news for you truly dedicated fans, coming to you straight from -- of all places -- Thailand. That's right, Thailand has produced its very own superhero cinema epic, Mercury Man, with action scenes by the same fight choreography team which put together Ong-Bak.* According to the plot synopsis provided by Movies Online, the flick is about an everyday Joe firefighter who finds himself granted special powers from holy objects. With these powers, of course, he can fight evil, particularly evil in the form of a Thai mafia which is trying to take his special powers. If you are curious -- And why the heck wouldn't you be, with a description like that? -- I suggest you swing by Movies Online via the link above and check out the short trailer they've provided. It is in a weird mix of Thai and bad English, but it is well worth the watch.

This means it will have very exciting and fun to watch fight scenes.
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