Recent Theatricals

Inside Man (Universal) -- With Denzel Washington, Clive Owen, Jodie Foster and Christopher Plummer ... who even cares what it's about? (director commentary, deleted scenes, two featurettes)

Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector
(Paramount) -- If this thing sells more than 145,000 copies, I'll seriously consider moving to Canada. (one featurette)

Foreign, Arty & Limited

Brick (Universal) -- If I hear "Scott, you will really like this movie" one more time ... (filmmaker commentary, deleted scenes, featurette)

Cavite (Gorilla) -- A tight-fisted kidnapping nightmare unfolds in the Phillippines. I dug this flick. (audio commentary, deleted scenes)

Don't Come Knocking (Sony) -- Sam Shepard, Jessica Lange, Tim Roth, Sarah Polley and Fariuza Balk in Wim Wenders movie? Welcome to the top of my Netflix queue. (director commentary, three featurettes)

Manderlay (IFC) -- Part 2 of Lars von Trier's "Not a Big Fan of America" trilogy. (unsure on extras, sorry)

Sorry, Haters (IFC) -- You had me at "Robin Wright in a lead performance." (unsure on extras again. blame IFC!)