Here's a new wrinkle to the pre-buying movie rights trend: Universal has bought the rights to a novel that is not only unpublished, but also hasn't even been sold to a publishing house. (Mark my words, within a few months someone is going to be buying the rights to a book idea that hasn't quite been thought of yet.) The novel -- which is only a manuscript at this point -- in question is called Nightmare Academy,* and was written by Dean Lorey, a film and television writer with rather dubious credentials (My Wife and Kids, Major Payne, My Boyfriend's Back, Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday). The book is the first in a planned trilogy, and "revolves around a boy who learns that bad dreams open portals which allow creatures into the world." It is NOT, mind you, the Nightmare Academy that is the second volume in a series of young-adult Christian adventure stories. That's something entirely different, and not (yet) a movie.

Lorey's already been signed to adapt his book for the screen; he will also be a producer on the film.

*Since the book doesn't exist yet, there are no cover scans available. Please enjoy this crummy picture of one-hit wonder 80s band, Dream Academy, instead.
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