After the Oscar-winning success of his first produced screenplay, American Beauty, writer Alan Ball instantly became a hot commodity, 'round Hollywood way. Despite the massive piles of money that were surely used to tempt him, Ball returned to his roots in TV, creating and then writing and directing several episodes of the critically adored Six Feet Under. Now that the series is over, though, Ball is ready to go back to the movies -- and he's directing this time, too.

According to this morning's Variety, Ball's long simmering, still untitled directorial debut has finally secured both financing and a cast, and will go into production in LA next month. The screenplay, also by Ball, was inspired by a novel called Towelhead, and its story revolves around "Jasira, who struggles with identity and sexual issues as the daughter of a Lebanese-American father and an American mother in Texas during the Gulf War." Though the girl will be played by a relative unknown (Summer Bishil) and her father by Six Feet Under vet Peter Macdissi, there are in fact several big names in the cast, including Aaron Eckhart, Toni Collette and Maria Bello.
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