For a reason no one can fathom, The Weinstein Company has bought the rights to The Nutty Professor, and are planning an animated film "based on the original." So, basically, it's another remake. Apart from Jerry Lewis, who seems to sell the movie's rights off every time they revert to him, who thinks this is a good idea?

According to a story that originated in The Hollywood Reporter, Lewis himself will voice at least two characters in the feature, which will go straight to video (that's something at least). And, get this: To make the movie appealing to kids, the story will focus on Professor Kelp/Buddy Love's college-age grandson, who is just as big a nerd as his grandpa. And, you guessed it, the kid "takes the same formula his grandfather took and unleashes an ultracool but comically destructive alter ego." For this, people, they've hired a new screenwriter: Straight-to-video specialist Evan Spiliotopoulos, whose resume includes work on The Lion King 1½ and The Jungle Book 2. What, Jerry wasn't available to paste the words "internet" and "MySpace" into his 1963 script?
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