"It's coming from ... inside the factory!"

That would be the tagline for my proposed third installment of what is now the Anti-Piracy trilogy (still haven't heard from Hollywood on this, which means they're simply stealing the brilliant idea and aren't planning to give me credit). After the action-packed original, and the tense court-room drama sequel, get ready for Anti-Piracy III: The Inside Job, a paranoid thriller, in which Dan Glickman and the MPAA discover that most of the world's pirated movies are the result of people within the film industry. We've read about the guys distributing Academy screeners and about the theatre projectionists videotaping from their booths. There have also been reports of pirates working for studios, developing labs, editing houses, etc. Now the MPAA has released a report that factories in Malaysia are producing bootleg discs alongside the legitimate DVDs and VCDs that they are licensed to make.

Representatives from the MPA (the non-States branch of the MPAA) and officers from the Malaysian Ministry of Domestic Trade & Consumer Affairs (I absolutely love ministry names, don't you?) raided eight such factories in Kuala Lumpur and ended up seizing a whole bunch of stuff, including replicating equipment and more than 10,000 pirated discs. They also arrested seven men and plan to charge them and their company with violating the nation's Optical Disc Act, which makes it illegal to erase the Source Identification Codes on optical discs, or manufacture discs without them.

Once again, Vin Diesel will be playing heroic MPAA president Dan Glickman. Joining the cast will be Charles Durning, Tim Robbins and Ronny Cox. I haven't decided which one plays the villain. Maybe it should be ambiguous. Just like the real war on piracy.

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