Over the weekend, we shared the frustratingly sparse details that have hit the web about Brothers Bloom, the next project from Brick writer-director Rian Johnson. All we knew about the film at the time was that it was a globe-trotting con-man flick which, really, is next to nothing.

Thankfully, however, the folks at CHUD just sat down with Johnson, and actually managed to get some concrete information from him about the movie. First all of, despite the very period-looking clothes depicted in the sketches on the movie's website, it is fact a modern piece. Second, the current status of the film is that Johnson is rounding up funding, and also pulling the cast together. In terms of plot, here's what the writer-director had to say: "It's about these two guys who grow up in and out of foster homes as kids and they learn to survive by becoming con men. It starts out with this ten minute sequence of them pulling their first con as kids. ... But in the rest of the movie it's them as adults." For what it's worth, Johnson described that early sequence as "very Paper Moon", and the film's general style as "[owing] more to the earlier part of the [20th] century than the later." The interview as a whole is well-worth checking out; Johnson talks in great details about things like his approach to Brothers Bloom, how he researched the script and which films most influenced the project.

Under the current schedule, the movie will shoot early next year and be released at the start of 2008.

[Thanks, Devin]
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