First off, let me just say I had a blast choosing the selections for this week's edition of Eat My Shorts. With thousands of short films available, it was nearly impossible to bring you the very best. Frankly, it would have taken me weeks to sort through them all, which means I will definitely need your help the next time we re-visit this topic. Which topic, you ask? Oh, just a tiny little thing called a fanfilm.

The closest I've come to being involved with a fanfilm was three years ago, when a friend of mine needed to create a Halloween-themed short as part of a contest he was entering. I forget the idea, but it was a spoof that included Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger and, of course, Michael Myers. Although the movie did not win (I believe it placed third overall), it was fun to watch how excited my friend became as he mulled over the different ways in which he could use three of his favorite horror-related characters in one story. While I've never been a huge fanfilm dude, his motivation and determination showed me just how meaningful fanfilms are, not only to the fanfilm community, but also to people like me ... who just want to be entertained.

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