A while back we asked you to submit your film blogs to us for consideration in future Film Blog Group Hugs. And, wow! Did you ever come out in droves. I was flooded with submissions -- so many, I haven't made it through them all yet, but there are some promising blogs on my list now. Some of them, I've added to my already lengthy regular-read list, some I've put on a list for our team to pull from, and some of those, I'm pulling from today for this Blog Roundup -- consider it the best of the submissions I've had that I've managed to make it through so far. And hey, if you don't see your blog here, it doesn't mean we thought it was lame. It probably just means it's one of the 89,000 submissions I haven't had time yet to read.

(Note: I'm still looking for blogs with the following specific focuses: Pacific Northwest, New York City, Los Angeles, San Francisco, horror, and geek. If that's you, email me your info at kim@cinematical.com).

On to the blogs!