The big news of the geek street lately has been the pick up of Hellboy 2 (which had previously lost studio funding thanks to their original studio sorta tanking) by Universal, who is now looked upon by geeks such as me as a sort of metaphoric knight on a white stallion. The general plot has been known for quite some time -- title character Hellboy and company will be attempting to prevent the resurrection of a mythical "golden army." However, thanks to AICN we now have a more filled out version of the plot. Read on if you are curious, but beware: SPOILERS WILL ABOUND.

Here it goes: the big three will be back -- Hellboy, Abe, and Liz -- at Paranormal Lab, where Hellboy and Liz have taken up together. However, a slip up results in the F.B.I. being forced to reveal the existence of their secret unit to the general public. Brash old Hellboy doesn't play well with the public, which only increases the instability of his already-turning-rough relationship with Liz. However, fellow paranormal Johann Kraus (who is a sort of ectoplasmic spirit held within a very special containment suit) is far better with the public -- and with Liz, apparently. But in the end they've all got to come together to fight Prince (son of the Woodland King), who, with his army of ghouls, faerie, and the like, is attempting to resurrect a golden army once controlled by his father. Delightful.
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