School for Scoundrels

Just because Oliver Stone's Sept.11 film 'World Trade Center' opens up tomorrow doesn't mean that movie fans can't enjoy a good laugh this week. To that end, I have spent countless hours watching movie trailers to find a couple that might -- just might -- offer a two-and-a-half-minute jolt of good-times fun to someone in need of a little pick-me-up. The fruits of my labor: two trailers so hilarious that I had milk squirting out of my nose from trying not to laugh -- strange, considering that I wasn't even drinking milk.

'School for Scoundrels'
What It's About:Jon Heder, aka Napoleon Dynamite, plays a spineless New York City meter maid named Roger who enrolls in a confidence-building class to win the girl of his dreams (Jacinda Barrett). But when the class's supercompetitive teacher (Billy Bob Thornton) sets his sights on Roger's girl, he sparks an all-out tennis-balls-to-the-groin war that may strip both men of their dignity AND their physiological ability to procreate.
Why You'll Laugh: In addition to the aforementioned tennis-balls-to-the-crotch-region scenario, the trailer also features some solid paint-balls-to-the-testicles action (always entertaining). Plus, 'Scoundrels' is directed and co-written by 'Old School' and 'Road Trip' auteur Todd Phillips, a man with a black belt in comedic filmmaking. But the biggest draw is Thornton, back in caddish 'Bad Santa' form as an immoral scoundrel who's so deviously malicious it's impossible not to love him.


What It's About: Borat Sagdiyev (Sacha Baron Cohen), Kazakhstan's sixth most famous man and a leading TV journalist, heads to "the U.S. and A" (that's Borat-speak for U.S.A.) to make a documentary and compile "cultural learnings of America for make benefit glorious nation of Kazakhstan."
Why You'll Laugh: "Jagshemash!" Do I need to say anything more than that? OK, maybe I do if you aren't an avid Borat fan like I am. The film is based on the beloved character from Cohen's groundbreaking series 'Da Ali G Show,' and there's nothing this guy won't do for a laugh. The trailer finds him unleashing a suitcase full of chickens on unsuspecting NYC subway riders, not grasping the concept of "NOT jokes" and inviting good-looking women to share some "sexytime" with him for money. In conclusion: It's niiiiice. I like.

Watch the 'Borat' trailer

Watch the 'School for Scoundrels' trailer

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