Sure, you'd like to audition for a movie. Heck, you watch lots of movies, and you know you could act better than half those losers they cast in them anyhow. But you don't live in New York or Los Angeles. Maybe you live in Duluth, or Oklahoma City, or Juneau, or Addis Ababa, and it's not so easy for you to get to an audition. Now's your big chance.

Daniel Myrick, one of the creators of the hugely successful The Blair Witch Project (which, I swear, still creeps me out even to this day), is casting for his new film, a supernatural thriller called The Objective -- and he's doing his casting online, all the better to find "real people," hopefully with real talent. They're casting for the following roles:

  • Warrant Office Wallace "Wally" Hamer (age 45)
  • Captain Matt McCarthy (age 34)
  • Peter Sadler (age 36)
  • Corporal Timothy Cole (age 25)
  • Master Sergeant Ben Kitch (age 33)

Interested? Go check out the official casting site for the film. Sounds like the parts they're casting are all for men but hey, if you're a woman and you want to give it a shot, it's no skin off our nose. And hey, if you end up getting cast in the film, drop us a line and let us know.

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