Oh, you knew it was coming. After suffering (Okay, we'repartlytoblame) through one week of "Mel Gibson gets busted for drinking, driving and disliking Jews" stories, some folks have thrown together one of them fake movie trailers for M. Night Shyamalan'sSigns. Only they've attached to it the clever little title, Signs ... of Anti-Semitism.

In the trailer, Mel Gibson, Joaquin Phoenix and family get all freaked out when it appears a bunch of Jews are invading the planet. Surprisingly, I found myself laughing on several occasions -- the thing looks pretty good. From the giant Jewish star carved into a field to the hilarious cameo tacked on towards the end, Signs ... of Anti-Semitism is definitely one of my favorite fake trailers to date. What do you think? (And, please, this is obviously a joke. Let's not get all serious here, okay?)

[via JoBlo]