I know, I know. I'm sorta weirded out, too. I mean, writing two posts about Tim Allen within one week wasn't something I ever expected to do -- but hey, I don't get to tell these guys what to do, I just report it. And yes, Tim Allen has said two things within one week which I find interesting enough to share with you. I don't know, check Revelation. Its probably in there somewhere.

Last time, trying to convince us his current project, Zoom, would have the same appeal as Galaxy Quest, Allen revealed there was in fact a plot outline for Galaxy Quest 2. This time, Allen was again discussing Zoom, when he somehow got into a discussion on which superhero he really wanted to play. I found this to be interesting largely because my buddies and I have played the same game -- if you got to be a superhero, which one would you want to be? Even the celebrities have an answer for this question, it seems, and for Tim Allen, the answer is The Flash. However, nobody except Tim Allen would really want Tim Allen to play The Flash, and Allen knows he isn't really the type for the part, so in Zoom he created a hero for himself to play who is also very, very fast.

Sooo ... for me it is probably Angel. I've always wanted wings. You?
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