Back in June we learned that the third Project Greenlight flick, the horrorific Feast, would be making its theatrical debut on September 22nd. Well, that's still true, but if you want to enjoy the mayhem in a rowdy movie house, you better make some free time for opening weekend. Seems the thing will only be playing late-night on the 22nd and 23rd, apparently just to act as promotion for Feast's October 17th DVD release. (So if you miss the screenings, you won't be depressed for very long.)

Oh, and if you'll be in Las Vegas on September 12th, you can see the flick at its world premiere. It'll be held at the Palms Casino, which is owned by some of the guys who helped bankroll Feast in the first place. Hmm, what else? Well my friend Erik really liked the movie (and he's not even a big horror nut!), plus Fangoria is now offering a peek at the movie's all-new one-sheet. (It has a monster on it!)

Still no word on when Project Greenlight 4 will get underway. (That was a joke.)
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