Damn you Production Weekly! Yesterday we spoke about a rumor that had Tom Cruise starring in Fool's Gold, the latest romantic comedy from director Andy Tennant (Sweet Home Alabama). Well, squash that. Variety reports Matthew McConaughey and Kate Hudson have, instead, joined forces as husband and wife in the pic.

The pair, last seen together in the giant commercial hit How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days, will play married treasure hunters who find their relationship in ruins and their funds depleted after a string of unsuccessful hunts. That is, until they stumble upon the one missing piece that could lead to a fortune. Personally, I'm much happier about this casting decision, though it's hard for me to picture Hudson as a treasure hunter -- she's just too cute and delicate. However, these two have obvious chemistry on screen, and if Fool's Gold takes off the way How to Lose a Guy did, well, we're looking at a monster hit.

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