Holy crap, it looks like the big-screen adaptation of the popular video game Halo is finally picking up steam. For a while there, this thing seemed all but dead in the water, what with a new screenwriter coming onboard and the release date getting pushed back. Add to that the news that producer Peter Jackson's Weta Digital signed on to handle the special effects for James Cameron'sAvatar, thus casting doubt on their ability to handle two enormous projects at once, and things weren't looking so good for poor Halo.

But hey, good news: The producers just signed Neill Blomkamp to take charge and direct the film. However, the bad news is, well, who the hell is Neill Blomkamp? Apparently, the dude has done some extensive visual effects work on TV shows like Smallville and Dark Angel, as well as directing a few short films. So that's good, right? Yet, this is a huge project with a giant fanbase -- to give someone Halo as their first feature seems like a pretty big risk on the part of the studios involved. Then again, perhaps they see something we do not. Thoughts?

[via IGN]

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