Some time over the past year or two, Shannyn Sossamon flew out to Romania to shoot a horror flick for Lionsgate, and the studio still hasn't come close to announcing a release date yet. The flick's called Catacombs and it comes from the filmmaking team of (former Marvel artist) Tomm Coker and (Four Brothers screenwriter) David Elliot. I distinctly remember hearing a few rumblings about the project (it was set up at Twisted Pictures, aka The House That Saw Built) but it had pretty much fallen off my radar untl a few minutes ago.

This unofficial trailer/promo clip for Catacombs just recently hit the interweb, and it looks like the set-up for a potentially cool horror flick: A gal wakes up after a rowdy rave, only to discover that she's locked underground all by herself. Actually, it gets worse: She's not by herself. Anyway, the clip reminds me a lot of Christopher Smith's Creep, and that flick was a fairly decent little shocker. Just something about the subterranean location works exceedingly well in most horror movies. Go buy a ticket to The Descent or give Raw Meat a rental and you'll see what I mean.

I'll let you know when Catacombs gets a DVD release date. Oh, and Pink is in the movie too. Weird, eh?
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