Whether you want it or not, director Bryan Singer is confirmed to be working on a Superman Returns sequel (which I've gone ahead and titled Superman Returns With Less Make-Up ... Hopefully). Ever since Singer suggested we may be seeing an "alien villain" in that follow-up, folks have been passing around a rumor about General Zod returning to exact revenge upon the Man of Steel.

Well, according to Star Pulse, a tipster told The Daily Express that Singer does indeed plan on using General Zod as his main villain in the sequel. Not only that but, apparently, he's looking to throw Jude Law into the role. (Originally, Terence Stamp played a wicked General Zod in Superman 2.) Says the tipster, "Some say they should use an unknown but the director Bryan Singer is looking at Jude. The similarities between him and Stamp are clear."

Now, you may remember Jude Law turned down the role of Superman when it was offered to him two years ago for fear it would typecast him forever. It's also the same reason he would never step into the shoes of James Bond. However, this is a completely different scenari,o as Law would probably only have to come on for one film. Personally, I like the choice, though I expect a slew of other names to hit the streets before anything is official. What say you?

[via The Movie Blog]

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