Boy is it ever a busy time for you Star Trek collectors. First, there was the news of a whole heap of original Star Trek swag being sold at a hoity-toity auction from which you probably can't even afford to buy a pen, and now we hear that editions of original Trek scripts going on sale as well. Please note, if you will, the ever important word "editions" in the middle of the last sentence -- the actual, honest-to-goodness scripts used by the actors and such are not going on sale. Rather, Roddenberry dot com (teamed up with the omnipresent Cafe Press) is releasing limited edition runs of classic Trek scripts in commemoration of the show's big four-oh. Currently on sale is the script for the original series pilot The Cage, which will stay on sale for only one month. For each month after for about three years (that's 36 or so scripts if you are counting), the site will offer one new script, chosen from the most popular/famous episodes of Trek, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, Enterprise, and yes, Star Trek Animated. The first one is debuting at $25, which is probably a good indication of what the rest will cost, as well.
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