Odds and ends from Tuesday:

  • Evan Rachel Wood (Thirteen) has signed on to play a young Uma Thurman in Vadim Perelman's (aka 'the dude who allegedly threw his dining room chair at a writer') thriller In Bloom. Produced by 2929 Prods., pic focuses on a teenager (Wood) who witnesses a horrific high school shooting, only to discover just how deep those emotional scars really are when she finds her life is a complete mess 15 years later. Uma Thurman will play the older version of said woman.
  • I don't know what's more horrifying: That there are plans to remake Working Girl or that Jessica Simpson is in talks to star in the role made famous by Melanie Griffith? Simpson's rep has confirmed the actress is interested, though it's just one of several scripts currently on her plate. With the success of films like The Devil Wears Prada, I can see why they would want to remake Working Girl. But, Jessica Simpson? Should she take the part, this would mark Simpson's first lead role in a major film.
  • M. Night Shyamalan is so fed up over the fact people expect a certain type of film from him, the dude contemplated removing his name from Lady in the Water, as well as the big-screen adaptation of Life of Pi, though he is no longer associated with the latter. Says Shyamalan, "I'd love it if everyone could look at Lady In The Water as a lyrical parable, but there will be people that won't get it because they are coming at it with a certain lexicon of what to expect already in place." Actually, Mr. Shyamalan, all people expect out of you is a decent movie. If you could set your enormous ego aside and craft the kind of film we know you're capable of, you won't have to remove your name from the credits or complain to everyone and their mother. Yes, it's that simple.
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