Okay, here's the deal, William Shatner is looking for the official geek spokesperson for his fledgling sci-fi DVD club, and he's willing to consider you as a candidate. Shatner has put out a call for "the most talented sci-fi geek" in America, and he is (wisely) leaving it up to you to determine exactly what that means. The instructions are -- and I quote -- "be wacky, be wild, go where no Shatner fan has gone before." Do your thing in under 90 seconds, record it on video and upload it to Shatner's DVD site, and you've entered in the contest. Or if being on camera isn't your bag, you can swing on over to the site, enjoy all the entries and vote for your favorite. The top ten (as chosen by the fans) will join five picks made by a panel of respectable geek judges to round out the finalists field. And from said field Mr. William Shatner will choose his own personal favorite. The lucky winner will receive $1000 in cash, and will be featured as a spokesperson on ShatnerDVDclub.com. Happy filming!