Okay, I've heard about the dude who performs the entire original StarWarstrilogy by himself in only one hour (not to be confused with the folks who spit out the original trilogy in 30 minutes). It's pretty impressive stuff and I'd love to check it out one of these days. However, what's even more impressive is Adam Long's plan to write and direct a 20-minute version of -- get this -- the entire Star Wars saga. That's right, all six films packed into a very tiny 20-minute window. Of course, Long will be accompanied by two other people ... which makes the whole thing that much easier, right?

In order to accomplish such a thing, the Reduced Shakespeare Company had to first seek out the permission of Star Wars creator George Lucas. Known for keeping a watchful eye on those toying with his beloved characters, the man in charge ultimately decided to let the good folks have a go at it. According to Long, he promises to include each and every single plot point from all six films. Anakin heads to the Dark Side? Check. Construction on the Death Star? Check. Jar-Jar Binks? Unfortunately, check. The actual performance will take place on August 17 at London's Criterion Theatre and will be filmed with plans to air it on British TV during the last week in August. Man, one of you Brits better throw that sucker on YouTube ... or else, well ... pretty please with a cherry on top?

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