The first posters for Grind House have been popping up around the web for the past week or so, and whether you like them or not, it's hard to deny that they fit perfectly into the pulpy tone that's been created around the movie. So far there are three posters in the wild, two for Planet Terror (the Robert Rodriguez, zombie half of the film) and one for Death Proof (Quentin Tarantino's killer-car extravaganza); nothing has yet surfaced that promotes Grind House as a whole.

The two for Planet Terror are pretty fantastic, in an over-the-top sort of way. One features the previous-discussed image of Rose McGowan with a machine gun for a leg, and proclaims her "Fully loaded."; the other offers a shot of Marley Shelton with runny eye-liner, holding one of those scary-looking, old-school syringes by its metal grip, accompanied by the tagline "You might feel a little prick." On the other hand, rather than actually featuring imagery from the film, The Death Proof poster is a mock advertisement for a screening of ... itself (Oooh, meta!) at Austin's now-defunct Burnet Rd. Drive-In.

While I think all three posters are cool and all, they're really just another indication of how good Tarantino is with hype, and building expectations. As I've said in earlier posts on Grind House, the longer we go on with the vaguely troubled rumors, and without seeing any actual footage from the movie, the more worried I get about its quality. I'm hopeful, understand, just concerned.
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