The other day, rumors were swirling regarding Kevin Smith's next project. Apparently, Smith was asked about this during a Q&A session (one of about 5,000 the dude does each year) and his answer surprised a lot of people: Silent Bob was planning on directing a horror film. Say what? Horror? Kevin Smith? Of course, with little info to go by, folks immediately began speculating as to what type of horror film Smith would take on.

Well, since news travels real fast, the question was once again raised when Smith and the gang recently returned to Red Bank, New Jersey to screen the original Clerks, as part of that whole Netflix Rolling Roadshow thing. This time, fans zeroed in on the horror film, forcing Smith to go into a bit more detail. He revealed his next project will indeed be a horror film, though admitted it was at least two years away from hitting theaters. When pressed to explain what type of horror flick, the writer-director insisted it would be "straight horror" and not some Jay and Silent Bob Return from the Dead sort of thing. According to Smith via a tipster (who is paraphrasing), "Its gonna have all of the horror you'd expect, blood and guts...and tits. No, no, no, not that, I'm talkin' about man tits. What? What's so bad about man tits? I have tits! They're sexy! And hairy ... but, yeah, I'm doin' a horror movie."

Smith also claimed to be shooting the entire thing in Los Angeles, meaning he would finally be leaving New Jersey ... though, I'm not so sure that's a good thing. After all, New Jersey needs a great horror film -- I've often found myself scared to death while driving through some parts of the state. I mean, have you ever tried to make a left turn in Jersey? Talk about hanging on for dear life -- there's a horror flick just dying to be unleashed.

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