For some reason, everyone wants to remake The Boys from Brazil -- Variety reported this morning that the rights to the film were sold at an auction in which New Line ultimately outbid Universal. And, get this: The presence of Brett Ratner on New Line's side was the thing that actually sealed the deal (well, that and the million-plus dollars the studio had on the table). Yes, that's right, rights-owners Granada Films actually thought Ratner's influence would make the remake good. Clearly they've not seen much of his work.

The original was released in 1978 and starred Gregory Peck (the obvious choice) as Josef Mengele, hatching an evil plan involving (spoiler coming, but since it's apparently ON THE BACK OF THE DVD BOX, the secret isn't very well-kept) cloning Hitler and killing a bunch of old men. He's foiled by Laurence Olivier, a Nazi-hunter who, because it's what happens in movies, figures out Mengele's plan and arrives just in time to kick his evil, Nazi ass. Oh, and James Mason, Uta Hagen, Bruno Ganz and Steve Guttenberg are all in it, too. Granted, the movie is generally considered sort of a campy mess, but why mess with that sort of bizarre casting magic? Well, if you're New Line, you mess with it because you're all fired up about modernizing (of course) the story, and making the movie in a world full of knowledge about cloning. Hooray.

The remake will be written by Richard Potter and Matthew Stravitz, and it's hoped production will begin as soon as Ratner finishes Rush Hour 3.
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