"What're you rebelling against?"
"Whaddya got?"

That just about says it all for The Wild One, the 1954 film in which Marlon Brando plays the leader of a motorcycle gang that wreaks havoc on small-town American life. Lee Marvin also has a role as the head of a rival gang. I haven't seen The Wild One myself, although I know the quote and the general storyline, which has been spoofed all over the place. In high school, I dated a guy who wanted to be exactly like Johnny Strabler (Brando), and tried to find the right jacket and hat and attitude ... but didn't have a motorcycle. A sharp-tongued friend nicknamed the guy the "biker without a bike, rebel without a clue" long before we heard Tom Petty use the term.

If you're in Austin, you can catch The Wild One tonight for free at the outdoor venue The Glenn (adjacent to The Backyard) at sundown. The movie is also currently available on DVD. The Wild One might pair very well with Hell's Angels on Wheels (starring Jack Nicholson and Adam Roarke) if you're in a biker-film mood.
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