Like everyone else at about this time, the folks in the Warner Bros. release department are doing a bit of re-jiggering of their fall and winter schedule, moving several big-ish films back and picking up a Warner Independent Pictures release for a wide open in early 2007. The details are as follows:
  • We Are Marshall, the based-on-a-true-story flick about a tragic plane crash and the recovery of a devastated team and community (Nice, huh? I should write tag lines!) has been pushed back a month, from late November to December 22. Mmm ... Christmas audiences.
  • Lucky You, which I hope is a whole lot better than the trailer (there it looks like Tilt, except with Eric Bana instead of Michael Madsen), has been moved from September 8 to the end of the November. While that IS closer to Oscar time, I would be stunned if the move was actually to increase the film's profile. That said, though, it was directed by Curtis Hanson, so maybe it's a stunning work being screwed by a terrible trailer. Yeah, you're right -- probably not.
  • The best bit of news is that the AWFUL-lookingThe Reaping (aka lesson #349 that signing an Oscar-winning star does not mean your movie be good) has been pulled from its November 8 release date and ... not rescheduled. I'm guessing someone at WB actually saw the final edit for the first time, and has buried the only print in his back yard.
  • The Astronaut Farmer, originally scheduled to be released by the studio's independent arm, has been stolen by Warner's proper because of its star-filled cast (Billy Bob Thornton, Virginia Madsen and Bruce Willis), and will be given a wide release on January 12, 2007.
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