Remember back in the '80s and '90s, before piracy became a big deal, when everyone made mix tapes and even sometimes (gasp!) copied whole albums onto cassettes? Remember when it was okay to tape a show or movie with your VCR? Well, it is no wonder that the record and movie industries have been having great difficulty convincing people that copying is just as illegal as downloading. Probably because there aren't as many easy scapegoats to arrest or sue when the piracy pertains to simple, small-scale copying.

The Los Angeles/Bloomberg poll, which I wrote about the other day, has some more results that aren't any more surprising than the revelation that people don't like paying a lot for movie tickets and concessions. 58-percent of teenagers think that it is fine to copy a DVD or VHS tape that they or a friend paid for. In fact, they think it is legal. Comparatively, 19-percent think its okay if the movie wasn't purchased. At least a smaller percent thinks it's okay to copy movies, regardless of the situation, than to copy music. This is likely because nobody ever popularized video mix tapes (or DVDs). Actually, I'm surprised that never happened. That Boogeymen - The Killer CompilationDVD was a great idea.

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