Odds and ends from Thursday:

  • Okay, so now that we know there are two Philip K. Dick biopics in the works, the question becomes: Which one will garner more heat? So far, according to reports, one (Panasonic) has Bill Pullman in the lead role and the other (The Owl in Daylight) has Paul Giamatti. The screenplay for Panasonic is already complete, though Daylight's script still needs to be written. However, while Panasonic has a very random director in Matthew Wilder attached, word* has it Terry Gilliam has come on to directOwl in Daylight. Hmm, knowing Gilliam and Giamatti are involved now forces me to heavily favor The Owl in Daylight. Then again, I'm just pumped up about two Philip Dick biopics -- I think the guy is warped.
  • The always lovable Jason Biggshas joinedEva Longoria and Paul Rudd in How I Met My New Boyfriend's Dead Fiancée (or How I Just Typed That Title Five Times and Still Screwed it Up). As previously announced, pic will tell of a "female psychic who falls in love with a skeptic while the ghost of his dead fiancée ... tries to keep them apart." Right now, it's being described as "Ghost, except really, really funny." Wait, so Ghost wasn't supposed to be funny?
  • After beginning negotiations to helm the next James Bond film (currently titled Bond 22), Roger Michell (Notting Hill) has, apparently, dropped off the project due to "creative differences." With Michell gone, producers will now have to scramble and find a replacement, seeing as they've already scheduled Bond 22 to be released on May 2, 2008. Whether or not this setback will actually affect the film's release is yet to be seen.
*And by "word", we mean "totally unsubstantiated rumor." Make of it what you will.
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