If the commercials for Zoom (directed by Peter Hewitt, who previously blessed you with Garfield, Tom and Huck, and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey) make you think that Tim Allen's latest film is a bizarre cross between last year's surprisingly good Sky High and the Spy Kids flicks, you aren't too far off the mark. In Zoom, Allen plays Jack Shepard, formerly known as Captain Zoom, leader of Team Zenith, which, 30 years ago, fought to rid the world of evil and all that superhero stuff. That is, until General Larraby (Rip Torn), the bureaucrat in charge of the Zenith Program, decided to up the young superheroes' powers by zapping them with Gamma-13 rays, which turned Concussion, Zoom's older brother, into Evil Concussion, who then took out the rest of Team Zenith before Captain Zoom took him down, sacrificing his own powers in the process. Whew. Got all that? Because that's just the back story.

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