The upstart RomeFilmFest made an effort to generate some name-recognition earlier this year when it signed on as a "Cultural Sponsor" (whatever that means) of the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival. While this did little in practical terms beyond getting the Fest's name and logo on some advertising materials, the association with Tribeca clearly had longer-term goals: It was announced yesterday that, starting in Rome this fall, the two festivals will engage in cross-programing, each screening a selection of highlights from the other. Though none of the titles have yet been revealed, a slate of pictures from this spring's Tribeca Festival will be part of the first RomeFilmFest, to be held in October. Then, next April and May, Tribeca will return the favor with a group of films that were featured in Rome.

This will get more interesting when the titles are revealed, if only because I'm curious to see what Tribeca personnel consider the "highlights" of this year's program. That said, if the agreements ends up bringing more small Italian films to these shores, I'm all for it.